Thanks to everyone who came out to see me at the Vancouver and Edmonton Fringe Festivals. It was a tiring, scary, difficult, yet beautiful experience, and I learned more than I ever would have thought. I have been a creator for many years, but performance is another thing all together (and even more so when performing your own work to such an intensive degree)…and along the way I discovered that my body is an instrument that desperately needs taking care of…that the balance can be disturbed so quickly. I battled through 2 months of inexplicable laryngitis and sore throat, learned how to get through shows despite them, but now need to rest in order to recover. I hope that the next time around, I’ll be healthier, and take better care of myself prior in order to avoid this problem in the future. Again, the knowledge that I’ve learned has been invaluable, despite the hard knocks along the way.

I’ll be posting soon about new projects, but I’m hoping to take some days off now to disappear into nature and reading and art and regain a little of my self. The world is beautiful despite everything, and I look forward to what may come.


Isis and La Guadalupe, from “God From The Machine”

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