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Hi, I’m Ellen.

I’m a writer, theatre artist and music-maker with an obnoxiously restless spirit…thanks to itchy feet, a terrible inability to settle down, and superhuman skills when it comes to travelling on a frugal budget. I am originally from Vancouver, Canada, though I have also lived in Mexico City, New York and a few other places along the way.) Though I’m always dreaming of travel, I’m currently in Coronavirus lockdown, like everyone else.

I recently completed an MFA at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. I am obsessed with the line between comedy and tragedy…in real life, and in the wonder-bubble of simultaneous-terror-and-joy that is a life in the arts. But really, that statement applies to every member of the human species. We are all very lucky to be alive, and it bothers me how few people consider their own fragility. From a young age, this made me want to see anything and everything I could.

Most recently, I completed a 1000km walk across Spain, from Sevilla to Finisterre, and several years before that the Camino Frances and the Oregon Coast Trail. I am obsessed with seeing the world on foot. I’ve also hiked up Machu Picchu, wandered the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, and hitchhiked across America in the modern age of confusion when it comes to roadside wanderers.

When not walking somewhere, I am usually writing music and music-based theatre, making DIY short films, doing music/dance collaborations, walking someone else’s dog, plotting as-cheap-as-possible travels, and sometimes turning those adventures into art. I also do some travel writing, and am currently writing a travelogue about my time as a non-believer on ancient pilgrimage across Spain. 

If you are interested in my work, want to collaborate, or have any questions, please feel free to send me a message!

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